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Our company provides the latest independent information, which you need to make smart choices when buying phone or computer monitoring software product. We provide comparative information and independent reviews of the best iPhone/Android/BlackBerryPC/Mac spy software companies in the form of a top 10 ranking.

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Phone Monitoring Software Companies Reviews - October 2014

Overall Score
Product Features
Product Quality
Value for Money
Customer Service
Change in Rank
First Place mSpy Reviews
+1-800-713-7528mSpy contact phone visit website
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2002 All Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nokia/Symbian phones Very Easy Yes 24/7 10 days Low 5 stars rating No
20 20 20 20 20 NC Visit Website
Second Place Mobistealth Review
+1-978-215-9985Mobistealth contact phone visit website
report your experience Send Your Review
2009 Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian/Nokia Medium Yes 15 days Medium 3 stars rating No
19 18 19 17 18 +1 Visit Website
3 FlexiSPY Reviews
visit website
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2006 BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Symbian Medium No 10 days Very High 4 stars rating No
19 16 17 18 19 -1 Visit Website
4 Mobile Spy Reviews
+1-888-475-5345Mobile Spy contact phone visit website
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2006 BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, & Symbian and Apple iPads, iPods, Android tablets Medium Yes No Medium 3 stars rating No
18 19 17 16 18 -1 Visit Website
5 SpyBubble Reviews
visit website
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2009 iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian Easy No No Low 4 stars rating No
16 18 16 13 17 +1 Visit Website
6 Highster Mobile Review
+1-866-611-9506Highster Mobile contact phone visit website
report your experience Send Your Review
2011 iPhone, Android Hard No No High 3 stars rating No
17 16 17 15 14 +1 Visit Website
7 PhoneSheriff Reviews
visit website
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2006 Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian OS Medium No No Medium 4 stars rating No
14 16 17 14 14 +2 Visit Website
8 StealthGenie Reviews
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2010 All iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones Medium Yes Yes Low 3 stars rating No
16 13 16 12 14 -1 Visit Website
9 TopSpy Reviews
report your experience Send Your Review
2013 Android / BlackBerry / iOS Medium No No Medium 3 stars rating No
13 16 17 10 14 -1 Visit Website
10 SpectorSoft Reviews
+1.888.598.2788SpectorSoft contact phone visit website
report your experience Send Your Review
2006 Android, BlackBerry Hard No No Medium 2 stars rating No
13 15 16 11 9 NC Visit Website


A great many PC, Mac, laptop or notebook remote monitoring products are now available on the market, and many companies offer their services. For the user to choose the most suitable and highest quality products is becoming more complex, for which we now offer the aid of our rating system. In addition to conducting regular testing of most spy software products, our staff also monitors the latest news of computer monitoring companies. We also collect reviews and conduct interviews of thousands of users of these tracking software. This allows us to offer the most thorough assessment possible of computer monitoring software products.

On our website you can find the actual useful comparative information on computer spy software such as SniperSpy, Spytech, AceSpy, WebWatcher, PC Pandora, Elite Kyelogger, Refog, IMonitor and other. We have selected the best 10 products and companies on criteria such as Product Features, Product Quality, Value for Money, Reporting/Stability and Customer Service. You can choose the product according to the criteria that are important to you while you can be sure that our information is up to date, independent, and reflects the opinions of thousands of users of computer monitoring software.

If you want to monitor somebody’s mobile phone activity try spy bubble for this purpose. Spybubble allows knowing everything that was done on the mobile phone including sent and received messages, made and received calls, the geographical location of the mobile phone. Spy bubbles can be also used by parents who worry about their children. In such a way they are able to know everything about their children as their lives are closely connected with phones especially when your children are teenagers. If you are a director and the work of your company is connected with transportation you can watch the movement of your workers with the help of Spybubble.

If you have decided to use stealthgenie you may be sure that the person you want to monitor will never know that he/she is watched. With the help of stealthgenie you will have an online account where you will be able to see everything that is happening on the phone. Nowadays stealthgenie reviews are used be a lot of people in many countries throughout the world. Stealth genie nowadays is the most advanced program device for monitoring and observing the mobile phone. Stealthgenie reviews do not cost much money that even average person can afford buying it. Stealth genie is also very helpful thing for jealous husbands who do not trust their wives. Thus they can be aware of everything their women do.

There are also some programs to monitor internet activities such as webwatcher. Webwatcher helps to get access to the information about what web sites where visited, at what time. Web watcher reviews are also capable of showing all the files that were downloaded. Web watcher takes not much memory and it does not disturb the work of personal computer. The person whose computer is monitored with the help of web watcher can not be aware about it so you should not worry about this. Webwatcher reviews as well as spy bubble reviews are of not high price. So do not worry that you can lose much money on buying it.

If you would like to combine both internet and computer monitoring use sniperspy reviews. By sniper spy is meant the program noticing everything done on the personal computer. Sniperspy reviews are very helpful for businessmen. For example if they have serious rivals they may get access to their personal, financial, economical and other types of information from their computer system. Sniper spy is not forbidden by the law thus every person can have it.

Spectorsoft is supposed to be one more modern program for spy on the computers and mobile phones. It is not difficult to buy, download and install the Spectorsoft reviews. And even if you do not work with computers very well you will easily cope with Spectorsoft settings. Setting Spectorsoft reviews will not take much time. So as you have noticed there are a great variety of spytechs available for everyone nowadays. So it is up to you which of spytechs to choose.

We will tell you everything about how to use mspy reviews. So first of all you should buy it. You can purchase mspy online that means you do not need to waste much time. After you have bought mspy reviews download it. Then you should register your mspy and get your online account with the help of which you will monitor the mobile phone you are interested in.

One more type of monitoring mobiles is flexispy review. Flexispy does not concede other types of other types of mobile spy. You can also watch the functioning of the cell phone using flexispy reviews. So weather you use the flexispy or some another program is sure that you will never regret that you have bought it.

We can also suggest you buying eblaster. Eblaster is such a type of software that is capable of capturing outgoing and incoming emails, chats and messages, visited web sites, websites, downloaded files, social networks activities. All this information will be sent to your online account. You may receive it every hour or every day it is up to your choice.

One more type of spy programs is amac reviews. Amac reviews have identical functions as other spy programs have.

We also want to suggest you such an opportunity as refog keylogger. This program is very comfortable for busy people who do not have much free time. Refog keylogger “remembers” the text that you have typed. For example very often happens when we type a message then we push the wrong button and the text you have typed is lost. In the case you have this program it will return all the typed text. So I you are a busy person do not hesitate and buy it. This program also allows monitoring everything that was typed on the keyboard. Thus you can control your children or any other people you want to know more about. The setting of the program is not noticeable at all. It may also mean that you will know who has used and everything that was done on your computer while you were away. Using this program is not bad for the computer so do not be afraid that it may slow the work of your personal computer.

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